Thursday, March 20, 2008

Part 3:And so the saga continues...

Obviously this person doesn't know what a friend is...this is posted on the gal's page that I sent the email to:

What is a Friend? Someone who is there for you through thick and thin? Someone who knows you sometimes better than you know yourself? Someone who will hold you when the days seem to much to handle, and maybe the sun hasn't shinned warmly on your face? Someone who will make you laugh, when laughter hasn't shown itself for a while? Someone who will not judge you? What is a "Friend?"
I came to this group for a number of reason, one being, it was a homeschool place where I could find a "friend," or two or maybe even three! Where I had a place to learn new and exciting things, but unfortunetly it did not work out that way for me. I feel I have been judged because of my religious or non-religious beliefs. Something that has never happened to me before, and I must say I am very hurt by the whole experience. I am who I am, I feel I am a kind, considerate, warm, and loving human being, that has a lot to offer to a "friend." So when someone tells me I will not go to heaven because I do not beleive what they do, that I wil go to HELL, I am quit offened. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, we live in a free America, but please do not push your beleifs on me. I did not ask.

My response was something like something like (I don't have the original, I forgot to copy and paste before sending and she has everything monitored):
Obviously you don't know what a friend is, because a friend forgives, and you said you forgave me. I'm not judging you, I'm telling you what the Bible says. Sorry that offends you.

I know I probably need to let it go at this point and just pray. I think in that response I came across a little harsh, which of course I didn't mean to. Please just pray for me.

Thanks and Blessings!


Jenileigh said...

Praying Bobbi!

Bobbi said...

At 11:22am on March 21st, 2008, Laura said…
Hey, cream cheese! What's hapnin?

I decided against coffee today since my stomach was bothering me. I did, however, read your blog. I can't believe what was said. And to think that you even apologized to her, and still, you got flack about it. And where did that man come from? Is he a blogger or just a wandering commentor? I am sorry. You were just doing what God instructed us to do. I commend you highly for that. More of us need to make a stand for Christ, or Lord and Savior....Me included. I don't do it often enough.

How has today been for you?

Bobbi said...

At 9:43pm on March 21st, 2008, Rosemary said…
I just read your blog postings about being a Christian. I am so sorry you got all that junk thrown at you, when you were just sharing your heart. You did the right thing, and you responded in love. How sad that it got all blown up. This week, of all weeks, we should be thinking of what Jesus did for us---for all of us---and finding a way to share that with those in need of it. And you did that. Bless you!