Monday, March 17, 2008

If I'm not rambling on about something...

I guess you've all probably noticed if I'm not rambling on about something, I usually have very little to say. I guess I stay better focused! It's funny because I wake up thinking of things to blog...then when it comes time to type...those ideas are gone...I could talk about how last night dd and I were watching the Food Network...$10,000 for the best Dr. Seuss cake...or how about $10,000 to the overall best pizza...which included the Guinesses World record on highest thrown dough, most stretched dough, most flipped over the shoulders, and best tasting unusual ingredients okay...things people make money on. Hey, more power to them...I think it's GOD's way of blessing creativity...but some of these things get pretty far out there. OR I could go on about how I have a new highest score on triple solitare over at my dd's, Belle's, Webkinz...LOL...OR how instead of cleaning my kitchen yesterday I was playing triple solitare on Belle's Webkinz...OR, OR, OR....LOL...Again, you all read this...LOL...

On another, more serious, note...a couple things...
Some prayer requests-

  • My dh's friend, Keith and sister Kymala...their dad past away Friday. We'll be going to the funeral next week. They are flying in from Seattle.
  • Us-some decisions to make, and my other prayer request about the truth will be revealed and favor.
  • My friend C and her family. Her fil wasn't expected to last through the night. He's been sick for a long time, from my understanding.
  • My friend R, her dad's in the hospital, tests are being ran. They don't have any answers yet.
  • My friend M, her home updates...I know how frustrating that can be!

Thanks and blessings until next time!!!


pottermom said...

Ahhhhh, thanks!
It actually is going pretty decently today.
So....... on the Obama front. Can you believe that people are just now learning about his pastor? I had that researched over two months ago! gah! His church changed it's website too..... took down most of the controversial stuff.
When will people wake up?
Praying for you. God's truth always prevails you know.

GinaLaughed said...

Playing on the computer instead of cleaning the kitchen....hmmm...I wonder why that sounds familier???? ;)

Just wanted to say that prayers going up for the requests you posted.