Sunday, March 2, 2008

Roman? Hebrew? Huckabee???

Dh was off Friday. On the way home from running some errands the other day, I noticed on a church billboard Pastor Larry Huch was going to be speaking and doing his Breaking Free seminar that evening and Saturday morning. We've been familiar with Pastor Huch's ministry for several years now. He and his wife would often speak at our home church, ALCC.

We decided to go. Funny, we've never heard Breaking Free in person...just on CD's...and we didn't hear it the other night either! LOL! The HOLY SPIRIT ended up guiding Pastor Huch in a whole different way. It was, needless to say, still awesome!

A couple of things that really stood out in my mind...

  • We miss what GOD is saying when we listen with Roman ears instead of Hebrew ears. For example, today if someone were to say, "go put this cloth in my boot" the word boot in the US means a shoe. A boot in Africa (and also in England, I think) means a car trunk. Pastor Huch also gave this example..."2000 years from now, there's a sentence written about me...'Pastor Larry was seen on 1000 pound hog.' Well people that are from South St. Louis would know a HOG would be a Harley Davidson motorcycle. People in Arkansas might think of a 1000 oinker Pig." LOL!
  • When Israel came out of Eygpt, it is a shadow of the New Testament.
  • Jesus became poor compared to HIS home in Heaven.
Pastor Huch also taught a little on the Shabbot...and how to celebrate it. We bought a DVD/CD that his ministries sells to learn more and how to celebrate it.
Another thing...Pastor Huch mentioned celebrated Shabbot with Pres hopeful Mike Huckabee...and said that he and Mr. Huckabee have become quite good friends and that Mike Huckabee said when he becomes President, he wants Pastor Larry Huch to come to the Whitehouse and do the first Shabbot with him!!!
Now anyone that knows me...knows I didn't care much for Huckabee. I thought he was "too religious". By that I mean too legalistic. BUT now after hearing this, it makes me reconsider my opinion of him.


Da-Red-Head said...

Hi Bobbi,

I love Don Moen's music. I hope to go to one of his concerts if I get the chance.

I wanted to tell you that I enjoy reading your blog. It's not wishy-washy. I love "reality" blogs. :)