Tuesday, January 20, 2009

sad for America today...

Why? Because whether it's GOD's will or not...it's sad that American's have become so ignorant.

Why is it okay to vote for someone because they are black, but if you don't you're a racist?

Why is it okay to kill innocent babies in the womb?

Why is it okay for the new first lady say she hates America? MOVE THEN!!!!

Why do people think that one man is in control of our government? Did they not take a Government class in school and learn there are three, yes, three branches of government?

Why is it that we had 6 wonderful years of the Bush administration and now that the Congress has been running the congress for the past 2 years, the United States has gone to hell in a hand basket?

Why is it this man was able to get elected and there is no paper trail, no birth certificate, no college records?

Why does America think that one man can change anything if it's not JESUS?

I have a million whys and yet I have no answers except to look up....

And yet I know it's all GOD's will. HE allowed it to happen. Is it what HE wanted? I don't think so, but HE allowed it to happen. So again, I will lift my eyes unto Heaven, where my help and strength comes from and pray that things will change for the better, that America will turn to GOD and see its wicked ways...

Blessings until next time!


Rosemary said...

Like you, I am so sad for our country. I think God must be saddened by what He sees here as well. I know that I am supposed to pray for those who lead us, but I am having trouble praying for our new president. I will have to work on that, as I am convinced our land needs our prayers as never before. I ask, "How can this be happening?" and am sickened by the reality. My only hope is that God's people will indeed humble themselves, and pray, and seek His face . . . and that He will heal our land. May God have mercy on us and the choices we have made as a country.

Judy said...

Ah yes, my friend, a sad day indeed...but we have HOPE...just as you said...we lift up our eyes...and have hope.

Perhaps the Lord has allowed America to take a turn down a dark path, in order that she will hit rock bottom, and then, turn BACK to the LORD, ever-so-much-more CLOSELY...this is my prayer.

Prayer matters, as we know...so we must pray that President Obama's heart be led in TRUTH and that he will gain the courage to uphold it and PROTECT LIFE.

Thanks for your post...it's good to know we weren't the only ones feeling saddened today.

Just Me said...

So agreeing with you!!!! I've been in a sort of funk all day. I'm sick to death of the whole inauguration hoop-la! But, I guess we'll all be praying that the "change" that takes place is that he turns his heart to God!