Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Started off with a bang!!

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Oh boy!
Dh's cousin, A, is married to B.
B's sister, L was having a gathering at her house.
B, A, and B's mom and dad invited us over.
B's brother and sil are there along with a few other people.
B's brother is very liberal...comes down stairs and sees something on tv and makes a comment about it...something political...B's mom and dad are in the room. Dh and I are in the room. B's dad and mom say something back...somewhere in there I said something about if people voted for Obama for issues instead of color I....and one of reasons he got elected is because many people that voted for him, never voted before. This guy is way anti GOD. As the discussion continues...He makes a comment about religion and politics don't go together...dh says that's not true and I'll tell you why, and tries to explain to the guy why...the guy starts saying stuff like, "If I go to Hell it won't matter. I'll deal with it." Dh tells him, "You can't deal with it. You won't be able to. I don't want to see you have to." Then dh tells him, I'm going to pray GOD makes himself so real to you, that you'll believe and you'll care or something like that. The discussion goes on where this guy is now raising his voice t0 his parents...the guy is in his 50'sor 60's...HEY I DON'T care...YOU don't tell YOUR parents they're idiots or fools (can't remember the word he used) because they believe the way they do. All of them are getting louder and louder. I say in a loud voice, "Excuse me! Excuse me!" No one can hear me...finally I yell, "EXCUSE ME!" Everyone stops to listen to me. I look at the guy and say, "Maybe I'm out of line, because this isn't my family or my house but you are being very disrespectful to your parents!" He looks at me and says, "Well then why don't you leave" I get up, and say, "I will". I march upstairs to retrieve my children, I come down and put on my shoes and jacket and say good-bye to B's parents. They said, "Please don't go. He's always like this. We want you to stay." So we end up staying a little after midnight. It was a tad uncomfortable....but dh said, "We are not going to allow the devil destroy a work that is going on. He's (B's bro) going to see the truth." B's parents have been praying for bro and sil for a long time to get saved...I think the seed has finally been planted...I look forward to welcoming him and his wife into the kingdom...BUT think the next time they are in town, I'll choose to stay home and pray for them. :P

Oh and the funny part was the brother was going on and on about all of us started the conversation....when trying to explain to oldest dd what happened, on the way home, she said, "Leave it to a Democrat to blame someone else!: ROFLOL

Happy New Year 2009! LOL


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!
Be blessed!