Sunday, January 25, 2009


I was speaking to one of my dearest friends last night on the phone and another one of my dearest friends I was out with yesterday. Funny how the two conversations in a way were similar in my mind...basically they came down's time to quit playing in church and take an active role as a Christian.

"What is an active role?"
*Going out and ministering the gospel, by being an example of JESUS.

"Well, I go to church and I participate in church activities." I can hear a bunch of people saying.

Sorry, I'm truly starting to think most of you all are missing the boat. I think you are SITTING ON THE SIDELINES, waiting to be placed in the game, and it's time to stop!!!! It's time to GET IN THE GAME!!!

"What do you mean?"
*It's time to decide if you're hot or cold for JESUS. We can't be sitting on the sideline being lukewarm anymore. (Rev. 3:15-16) It's time we start taking an active part in getting people saved, ministering to the lost, feeding the hungry, praying for the sick and destitute with the power of the HOLY GHOST. We need to get out of our comfort zones, the church building, and go out among the people and do it! It's not just our pastor's job, or the elders, and clergymen, it's our job, and we need to actively be seeking GOD and asking HIM, GOD what can I do for YOU today? Show me, Send me, let me be YOUR hands and YOUR feet today....because people that's why we are here! we are little Christs...that's what Christian other words we have the same power as JESUS had. We have the power to share the gospel, we have the power to witness, we have the power to minister, we have the power to feed the hungry, we have the power to help the poor, we have the power to ask GOD to heal. (Luke 24:49, Acts 1-2)

Why aren't we using it? Why aren't we using the POWER GOD gave us through HIS SON, JESUS??? Why do we continue to sit on the sidelines and be lukewarm?

In my opinion, the time is drawing very near for the LORD's return. I've come this far, I'm not turning back, I'm not quitting, I'm not sitting on the sidelines. With GOD's grace, I'm going to play in the game, I'm going to take an active part in being the hands and feet, of JESUS, until HIS return!


Just Me said...

Awesome song...Best sermon I heard today. (Didn't hear DH's yet, in his defense. ;)

AMEN!!! Preach it, Sister!!

I'm praying for complete healing. Won't you pray with me??


Susan said...

Yes, I to believe the Lord is coming VERY soon and we don't want Him saying we were neither hot or cold but lukewarm. The line is being drawn and people who say they are Christians must decide which side of that line they are going to be one....hearers only or does of the WORD. I with you, Bobbi, am not turning back.

Thanks for a great post.

girlforgod said...

Yes Awesome!! I share your enthusiam and sold-out fire sister!!!! There is power in The Blood of Jesus, and yes, more people need to stop and realize that truth. I love this song too. I hope you will stop by and are blessed by my video as well.