Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Since my 3 day sabbatical from the computer, my desire of using the computer has diminished greatly, but since the controversy on FB (I had it posted yesterday for awhile on here) and the new layout, I have very little desire to be on FB. Probably a good thing.

I see the LORD pulling me away from the computer more and more from homeschool sites and now fb too. I have for years been involved with the homeschool community through the internet. For several years, I used these sites as support and to offer support-kind of a ministry to newer homeschool moms. My kids are older now, and my need for support has lessened over the years. There are so many people homeschooling now, support is found all over. It's time for me to move on.

Yesterday, I got the new FB layout. I hate it. It's not very appealing to look at in my opinion. Not only that, but with the saga of a "friend" giving me a tongue lashing on something that was my personal opinion, I have no desire to even post an update. Will I offend her or someone else? Will I tick someone off? Some of the thoughts that have been going through my head. Many people say, "Well, it doesn't matter, it's your fb page." It does matter...we shouldn't purposely try and tick people off. Now if we are stating GOD's truths and they are offended, that's totally different. Of course, I wasn't trying to offend or tick anyone off the other day. I was giving my opinion about something. As many of you know, my opinion is something I like to share.

Recently, I've been accused of many things because of my opinion.

1.Recently I received this from a family member in a FB private message over my thoughts on Pat Robertson's statement about Haiti:

"you refuse to accept any opinions but your own and other people who agree with you. this is why you should include on your friend's list only those who agree with your opinion and the reason why i should not be included".

2.I should keep my opinions to myself.

Among some other things that I can't remember off the top of my head to post.

I would like to address both of those statements.

Up until recently, I would have agreed with that first statement. I would have been guilty as charged. Over the past couple years the LORD has shown me it's okay to have a differing opinion than someone else and still remain to be friends. HE is showing me that I can love outside of my own opinions. In the past I thought if someone didn't agree with me, they didn't love me. Obviously, that is a lie that satan used against me for a number of years, and won up until I realized it wasn't true. Now, I try to respectfully disagree, and when I don't agree, try to say, "I respectfully disagree with you."

I have deleted things or removed them sometimes to avoid more conflict, not because I think another person's opinion isn't valid.

There are some circumstances, that even if I love the person and disagree with them, I have had to let go off on FB because they continually want to argue with me. I am learning it's not always worth the fight. Not all of us determined people learn these things quickly. I have not learned quickly from my previous mistakes, but thank GOD I am learning. :)

On to the second point....hmmm, keeping my opinions to myself. Maybe that's true, maybe I should. I don't think it's likely going to happen anytime soon to be honest though. Often times my opinion isn't even my opinion. It's the word of GOD, and people get offended by it. In which case, I cannot help, nor stop-especially if I am to obey the HOLY SPIRIT. I will say this, I will try not to express my opinion on FB anymore, and if I do, I will try to remember to say this is my opinion before I spout off. On the otherhand, I will not stop expressing my opinion on my blog. I will delete opinions that are solely meant to hurt people. If you do not like that, you may stop reading my blog. You have control of what you read or don't read-If you don't like the way something is headed, stop reading it. It's that simple, but DO NOT leave nasty comments on my blog.

To sum it up: My blog is here, for me. For me to express MY opinions, MY thoughts, MY revelations...if YOU don't like it,please feel free to leave! I do my best to keep an open mind, to minister the WORD of GOD, and to encourage others. I am human, I make mistakes. I won't always be right, and often the LORD will reveal that to me in HIS time, NOT yours. I am a work in progress-please remember we all are.

Blessings until next time


Susan said...

We certainly are ALL a work in progress. No perfect people yet!!!

Goose Hill Farm said...

My Cheesey Girl~

I can NOT imagine you would say ANYTHING that would purposely upset or offend ANYONE!!!

I am not liking facebook much any more either! It was made to connect with people you might otherwise have had no contact at all! It's not a forum for debating or bashing. It is a way to stay in touch with family and friends.


Cynthia said...

I'm appaulled and offended by your opinion on anything on any subject regardless of what your opinion may be. heheh.. I can't even type this with a straight face. I love ya, Big Sis!