Friday, February 19, 2010

Receiving Part II

This is the comment I left Susan on her blog the other day:

"A good reminder that Pastor Hallam has always taught us when someone wants to give is...'Don't deny your brother/sister of a blessing.' :) It's easier to receive when we know we are blessing them too!

Great post, Susan!"

This is true, our Pastor has always taught us this.  How often we forget that maybe, and most likely, GOD placed it on the giver's heart to give to us.  If we say no, who are we really saying no to?  Ultimately, it's GOD!  Why would we deny GOD the opportunity to bless us?  There are only a few reasons I can think of.  We are prideful or we think we are undeserving. Either is not the right mind set!  We must get to the point that we KNOW that we have the mind of CHRIST!  Therefore, we must have the mindset of CHRIST!

Also, when we deny our brother/sister of a blessing we might be taking away something GOD is trying to teach them about giving.  We don't know what GOD is doing in the lives of our brethren.  We need to learn to be sensitive to the HOLY SPIRIT, and listen and obey in all things.  I don't want to get in GOD's way!  I want my brothers and sisters to receive all GOD has for them.  If I'm to be the tool that is used by GOD to help my brother or sister, why would I say no to a blessing?  (For that matter, why would I say no to GOD?)

Just something to thing about the next time we are about to say no...

Blessings until next time!


Susan said...

Important for us always to remember that God's dealings with us are not all about us, but about those whom God has placed us in the center of and those around us. Great reminder, Bobbi.

Stacey said...

Yeah, this was a difficult lesson for me to learn. I'd always been the "giver", so when God allowed us to be in the position of having nothing to give and in great need... it was a hard lesson to learn. Being a joyful giver came naturally to me. Being a graceful receiver... not so much. LOL. But these lessons always have a purpose and I know He will use them for HIS glory!