Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sabbatical and prayer requests

I'll be on a 3 day sabbatical starting today at noon.  If you have any prayer requests please post them before then or email them to me.
I have a few:

  • I've been having a pain in my stomach and back. It  usually wakes me up at night (for about the past week or so) and then after a couple hours disappears again. 
  • My friend, S, she having some health issues.
  • My friend is going through a divorce.
  • My friend, T and her family.  Job situation and some health issues with family members.
  • Our cousin is recovering from ankle surgery.

Thanks everyone!
Hopefully in 3 days I'll have something inspiring to share.  :D
Blessings until then~


Kela said...

I'm praying for you, and your friends Bobbi!

Do what you're led to do on this sabbatical and know that we'll be right here waiting.

<3 Kela

Susan said...

Bobbi, I linked to you today and addressed a comment you left on my blog the other day.

Enjoy your sabbatical.