Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Sing-Along

Another Rich Mullin's songs...this time Third Day, singing Creed. (because I like their version I think even better than Rich's)  Hope you have a blessed Superbowl Sunday!  We're going to make some gumbo and root for the ironic is that?  lol (I'm also going to do about a week's worth of cooking.  Got a new crock pot last night...6qt for $ going to put a roast in it that I thawed out the other day. Also, going to fry some chicken I thawed out and make a pot of chicken and dumplings)


Anonymous said...

Third Day is my all time favorite--I am back to sunday sing along--had to delete and change my blog due to a "troll"--but i am back--here is my new link if you want to check it out

Allie said...

Ooh I love that song. Your new crockpot sounds wonderful, that's my all-time favorite appliance. I think I should come to your house for dinner. I'm rooting for the Saint's today, simply because I love an underdog, even though I hate football! How's the weather there?