Tuesday, April 19, 2011

God Morning, etc

Part of my lack of blogging was because I was/maybe still am angry with GOD. I didn't want to post negative things, even though I'm struggling with my faith and life in general.  I can't explain all of it, but I know I'm getting pretty tired of living in an RV and never knowing what's next.  I know I should just accept the fact that that's the way my life is, but I want a "normal life".  Yeah, I know, "what is normal?"  Normal to me would be, living in a house, having a daily routine, hubby going to work and coming home.  Living on the road is sometimes like that.  Sometimes it's not.

I really would appreciate prayers and encouragement here on my blog if you stop by to read.  Life isn't always peaches and cream.  I, too, need encouragement. 

A friend of mine on FB posted God Morning....I wonder if she meant God Morning or Good Morning?  I thought it was interesting.  It made me think, It is a GOD morning.  Every morning is.  I wonder how many times I think that though?  Do I wake up every morning thinking, "This is a GOD morning!"  I'll have to admit I don't.  I really don't wake up all happy and joyful in the morning, usually.  I kinda wish I could sleep all day most days.  It usually takes me awhile to wake up.  I don't drink coffee, either.  Once I'm finally up, if I don't have anything to do, I usually just drag. Somedays, I read the WORD, other days I don't.  (hey always trying to keep it real, here) 

GOD morning reminds me of the day is what you make of it

Blessings for now!


SAHMinIL said...

Hope things get better. Love Nikki

Christy said...

I haven't gotten on this computer in a while, except to battle a virus, and this computer is theone with the feed reader. So I am just now seeing this.

At first, while I was scrolling down, I I wanted to go tot the last post, first and I saw New York with a bunchof ?? or !! (?) anyway, I whought y'all were being sent to NY. But it was just the space shuttle deal.

I don't have a huge amount of encouragement for you, I'm sorry. Just some {{hugs}}. I don't know why God has you were He has you. There is a reason, though. I'm sure you have sought it and sought it and the reason evades you.

All the sudden I am reminded of Sarai, Abram's wife, before God changed her name. I'm sure you can relate to her. Wandering around with a husband with a vision. Meeting up with strangers that Abe perceived to be hostile, so he gives her away! Twice!

By the time she was old and had wandered around so much and had no child, it's no wonder she laughed, she was hysterical by then.

I don't know what God's promises are to you and Hank. But I know that He will see them to completion, even if it means keeping you in a place, possibly of protection, while He orchestrates the means.