Monday, January 28, 2008

Finally, Getting to know us part 5: The day is what you make of it!

Mind you, my dh's job keeps us traveling quite a bit...this was several years ago now...we were spending the summer in a tent in Mansfield, MA...why you ask? Because we had been living in a dumpy was awful for 3 months with 3 kids, 13 yodd, 4yods, 3yodd...the only problem is housing of any sort that we could afford was next to impossible to find...and after that we came back home to TX only to receive a call to go back up to the lovely area...well this time we were going outside of Boston, certainly housing wouldn't be near as hard to find or as expensive-right? Little did we know!

We had brought our tent and camping gear up there because we thought it would be fun to camp on the weekends...we didn't expect to do it all summer...but when we got up there, we were low on cash and thought until we find something in the next few days, we'll camp...the only problem with that is...again hind sight is 20/20...everyone in New England apparently comes out of the woodwork to camp on the weekends in the summer time! So we (if we had know this we'd made reservations months in advance) would only have a campsite for a few days...sometimes we would have one for a week-that was always a blessing!!!

My dh would leave at 4:30-5:00 am to go to work in Boston, so guess who would have the joy of taking the elaborate tent system down? The tarps, the coolers, the luggage, the camping gear, the mini fridge, etc, etc, etc, (yes, we were living high on the hog in a should have seen the day we bought a hose and claimed we had running water-lol )

One night I couldn't sleep cuz I was dreading moving day yet again...not easy when you have to do all of it yourself and not even sure half the time if you were going to have a site to go to (we usually had to wait for a cancellation at the last minute) and dh asks me, "what's the matter?" I tell him and he says, "Well the day is what you make of it..."

Of course he was/is right, but that certainly wasn't something I was in the mood to hear at the time. Needless to say we look back on that time and laugh now!!!


Stacey said...

Wow! I feel guilty now for complaining about things needing fixed in our double-wide!

Your blog name fits your life perfectly. Sounds like you are really living out a great adventure!

My husband lived in a tent for 2 years when he was growing up. He had many adventures along the way as well.


Anonymous said...

guess I'd better go make my day something. :)
Great story with a great lesson.

Anonymous said...

Who knew you're so deep? JK