Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Sing-Along

I have to admit, Sunday Sing-Along is one of my favorite things on my blog...Thank you Da-Red-Head for hosting it each week! It would be more fun if some of you other folks would join in! This week I picked a song from one of my favorite Christian bands. I picked this song for a couple reasons...1. It's fun, and Da-Red-Head put a fun song on her blog. 2. Dh loves this song and is getting a new motorcycle soon. 3. This was the first Christian song to be played on MTV...Cool huh?


Anonymous said...

Holy cow! This is a bright template! You are getting worse than me with the template changing.
I say that as I am browsing for a 3 column template...

Stacey said...

Very cool song! I had no idea that was the first Christian one on MTV! See, Sunday Sing-Along is fun AND educational! :) Thanks for the plug to get others to join in!