Sunday, January 13, 2008


Since I won't be on until probably the end of this week here's what's going on...
DS's 12 birthday was on Thursday. Ds wanted a Wii for Christmas and I told him, " If we get you a Wii that's all you will get"...then I said, "How about if I talk it over with dad and if it's okay we'll not buy as much for Christmas as we normally would and we'll get you a Wii for your birthday?" Ds thought this was a great idea (only because he really wanted the Wii)

I could find plenty of Wii's before Christmas!!!! Can I find a Wii now???? Oh NO! Do you even have an idea how many stores I've been to between here and Houston to find the Wii? We want a Wii! So ds's b-day passed and still no instead because of no Wii we just got him a Wii game that he can't fun is that?

Other happenins...(yes, I spelled happenings wrong on purpose, that's the way my dad playfully says it) We've been going to a Wednesday ngiht cell group at my dh's current boss's house. The church his boss goes to is a vine off our home church-so that's been kinda cool and refreshing...although most of the people there are still babes in Pampers...maybe dh and I are there to bring them up higher...even dh's boss is still a fairly young Christian (at least to me).

Dh's driver's side window on his truck was cracked when he came out of work on Wednesday evening....he thinks a rock from when they mowed the lawn hit it...of course no one is responsible for will cost us more to send it through insurance than just to pay out of pocket.

The kitchen sink in the RV was leaking all over the 7 of 10 boxes of various flavors, of on sale, hot chocolate we bought the week before...dd took the hair dryer and dried them-thank goodness the boxes absorbed most of the water. Dh fixed it when he got home from work.

My curling iron died that same morning...I had just dried my hair, so off to Walmart we go with my frizzy hair....that was real fun! :P

We had water coming out of the wall in the RV between the bathroom and the main area...turns out the shower glass door is dripping down and then out the wall...thank goodness it just needs to be caulked...oh the life of's these little things...even in a new RV...we've had it on all 3 RV's we's just part of the package. LOL!

Okay, I think that's to look for a Wii again-pray. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hot Chocolate, anyone?