Tuesday, August 9, 2011

OY! August already!

My apologies for not posting sooner.  Life.....ya know?!

Got Doodles in an apartment-old, but appears safe.  Found her a nice stainless steel pots and pans set with some utensils, etc on clearance.  They were like $120 and I got them for $55. Also, found a cute bistro table with saddle back stools on clearance for $90. 

Made it back safely to TX, and been busy with all kinds of things since. 

Doodles found out the day after I left, that school was almost completely paid for.  She got $1000 scholarship at the beginning of the year and had paid in almost $1000.   She thought she was going to have a student loan.  When she went to turn her scholarship check and financial aid papers in, Ms. Elaine, the school's financial person, told her she was eligible for a Pell Grant, and she would only owe $311!  PTL!  Doodles had been praying and trusting the LORD would provide.  She has some great friends that were in agreement with her.  She is elated.  (so is mom)

Last week I found out DH is taking us on a 25 year anniversary surprise get away.  I'm not suppose to know where we are going, but I have my suspicions.  ;)  We leave on the 19th and get back on the 24th.  I have to leave my kids.  sigh~  LOL....I know they will be in good hands with our friends.  (I do hate leaving them still)

I got a few new dresses and had my hair....well it was suppose to be highlighted, but I think the gal went crazy with the coloring!  That's what I get for not going to my favorite person in Austin.  (she's booked til after I get back from the surprise getaway)   I still have some more shopping to do though.  Have to find some shoes, and maybe some cute tops.  :)

That's the latest and greatest....oh DH got offered his old position in KC.  DH and I think we are suppose to stay here in TX for now.  (the kids are happy about that too)   It is good to be back home. 

Can't think of anything else too exciting.