Monday, November 16, 2009

The Grass is always Greener

As many of you know, we've been trying to sell our house in TX for over a year. :( The realtor that is in charge now, has a site to get feedback from other realtors showing the house and what the potential buyers think. The other day we got feedback from someone that says the house looks abandoned and that it needs yardwork...HELLO!!!! We invested a ton of money...painting, cleaning the carpet, stretching the carpet, cleaning and maintaining the yard. We don't have any more money!!! Not to mention the fact that there has been a drought in TX all summer and we've lowered the price well below the market value! Oh and not to mention the fact, we haven't lived there since May!!!! (I think the realtor should send someone out to take care of the yard if it looks that bad. I thought that was part of their job....but that's a whole nuther matter and topic)

We've also got people saying the house doesn't have the upgrades they are looking the house is 6 years old. I'm not putting in upgrades, when there is NOTHING wrong with the house now! Come on, people....for the price we are selling you could put in upgrades and a built in swimming pool in the back yard!!! GIVE ME a BREAK!!! that expressing my opinion or what? LOL....don't forget to vote for me at.... category 12...Great Adventures II!

Thanks and blessings until next time!


Dana said...

We're trying to sell a house, too, and I'm afraid we may be stuck with it for awhile. Fortunately, we'll be close enough to continue with the upkeep, but it does drag on you, doesn't it? Like this anchor you're towing behind you ALL THE TIME.