Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Handsome Men!

Flower (dh) and I are eclectic in our music styles.  We listen to a lot of Christian music, but we also like a lot of classic rock, country, classical...there's not many kinds of music we don't care for.  Dh use to jam out with many bands in his younger days.  Before he was a christian, a couple rock band and afterwards with many Christian bands.  With all the hype of Rock Band, etc.  Joe Bug has learned to appreciate all kinds of music as well...well not to mention we listen to various music in the car (and you all know we practically live in the car!) 
One day, at Target, ds saw "The Who" t-shirt.  He and Dad love The Who's song "Pinball Wizard".  Ds really wanted the shirt.  I was hesitant and told him to ask Dad.  Dad said, "I wouldn't mind having one myself."  LOL
When we went to get the t-shirt they were sold out.  I told ds we would hit another Target the next day.  When we went over there, the t-shirts were on clearance!  Ds got the t-shirt with his bday money.  He also bought his dad one for his bday, but gave it to him way early. :D
Dad shared a story about how he bought his dad things over the years and his dad never wore them, and that he would be honored to wear the t-shirt Joe Bug got him.


christy said...

Where's the "like" button? That's so cute!

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Goose Hill Farm said...

I agree, Christy, there SHOULD be a "like" button on here somewhere! lol

Great pic of your men, Cheesey. Very, very handsome! :> )

Love you, girl!