Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Will ya join me?

I have awesome news to share!

This is a very cool story! 

Dh got a call last week.  Someone was interested in leasing the house.  Maybe 3 years.  Cool.

Next day, dh gets a call, someone is interested in buying the house. Cool too.

But what to do?  what to do?  ever been there?  I asked  my friends for prayers that we would make a GODLY decision and that we would have peace that passes all understanding for our decision.

We spoke to a few friends in a short amount of time, trying to weigh the options too.

Ordinarily the idea of selling would be the way to go-right?  But not necessarily in our case.  The house was on a quick sale.  We would lose our equity in the house.  We would get a mark against dh's credit and have to file a 1099?(that might not be the right form, but some tax form) for tax purposes...not to mention the fact that why would the LORD allow the house to sit there for so long empty?  Did he want us to keep it?  We hadn't been able to make payments in a long time because of our finances.  We had been in touch with the bank all along and they were so gracious to us, and willing to work with us....but in actuality...that was GOD's supernatural favor on us.  :D For some reason in the back of my mind for quite sometime, I felt like we were suppose to keep it-so did the rest of the family....but we couldn't explain why. 

Leasing means we could keep the house, maybe sell it later and get more out of it, if the housing market goes up again.  We would be able to catch up on payments.  The bank is willing to tack on what is owed to  the end of the note and refinance according to dh's salary now. 

So we are praying and our friends are praying.  LORD show us what to do...give us peace and may our decision glorify YOU. 

Dh  finds out the leaser is a pastor.  He's married with a daughter.  They've been living in an RV for 4 years!  (how GOD is that?)  Dh calls their church to find out what kind of church...turns out they are like faith as us...HOLY GHOST FILLED!  WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!

This has been my prayer all along, LORD send someone that feels YOUR presence and peace in the house. I told dh, "I bet the reason they want to lease the house is because they feel the presence and peace of GOD in that house."

DH asked our realtor if he can talk with the possible leaser.  Sure.  Dh and the pastor hit it off.  Dh asks the pastor, "What made you decide on this house?"  The pastor said they had prayed all along and asked that they would know which house by the peace and presence of GOD and when they went into our house, they felt the unsurmountable peace of GOD there.  :D 

On top of that, the pastor said to dh, something like, "I know I don't know you, but the LORD has pressed on my heart to tell you this.  GOD is getting ready to bless you more than you can imagine!"

So I guess you can tell what our decision was?  The leasers moved in this weekend.  They hope to buy it down the road.  (not sure why they didn't now...maybe GOD has another plan.)

The bank is going to refinance still and tack on what we missed to the end of the loan.

Will you all join me in giving praise to GOD for HIS supernatural provision? 

Blessings until next time!


christy said...

That is really awesome.

Stacey said...

WOW! That kind of gives you chills... the good kind, though!

KK said...

What an AWESOME God we serve!

Rosemary said...

Praise the Lord! God is so good!!!

Allie said...

This is wonderful - you're right, very cool story! I love how God moves!

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Susan said...

What an awesome God we serve.

Diane said...

That is AWESOME Bobbi!