Thursday, January 7, 2010


I have nothing exciting or inspirational to share.  :(  sorry.  I'm not sure I even have a funny story to tell.  We been staying in for days because of the weather.  It snowed all day yesterday.  Dh went into work late and dd went in with him because she had the evening shift at work.  She ended up spending the night with a co-worker and dh came in late.  He said the roads were treacherous. I don't think they clear the county roads often.  The first time it snowed in October the plows were out in full force-and we didn't even have that much the snow gets thicker on the roads and the plowers are kinda moseying down the road once in awhile. 

Oh here!  I've got
I got bifocals!  lol  Not that I ever wear them...I need glasses for reading and for distance.  It use to be I could wear a single lens to do both because of my astigmastism but now I guess that doesn't work anymore.  It had been 8(?) years since I'd been to the eye doctor.  My how time flies.  I really didn't realize it had been that long!  The girls both got new prescriptions too.  Belle got some cute purple glasses, Doodles got her cute purple glasses filled with new lens, and I got purple bifocals-they are a hip shape...some of those frames that don't have a bottom part of the frame.  Well anyhow, I don't look like I'm wearing 30 wear old glasses anymore!  :D 

It got down to -33*F on Saturday.  Broke a 125 year old record.  We had that cool sensation in our noses...when I spoke to my brother and told him. He said, "Snotcicles?"  lol

That's about all the excitement here.
Blessings until next time!