Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's the fastest way to break a fast?

Tell everyone on your blog, you're on a fast.  LOL

Have you ever started something, knowing it's a good thing, but not necessarily a GOD thing?  Not that Fasting isn't a GOD thing, it is, but that maybe GOD didn't tell you (me) to do it.  Does that make sense?  I intended to fast for 21 days-a Daniel fast.  Veggies, fruits, and water.  After the third day, I felt released from the Daniel diet, and I drank a soda.  I have continued to fast, somewhat on a Daniel fast and somewhat just a fast. Do I feel like I've let GOD down?  No.  Why?  Because there is no condemnation in CHRIST JESUS. 
While others may not understand or can relate, GOD understands and knows my heart.  HE knows my level of commitment.  Each of us have to do what we feel the LORD is calling us to do.  We should never feel condemned by others opinions.  We should evaluate ourselves by GOD's word, not other's opinions. 

Here's a post I wrote Nov. 2006...I think it's fitting to go with this post.

I know a dear, sweet, precious lady. Everytime I'm around her I leave thinking, "I need to be more like her"...

While I was cleaning the kid's bathroom...I started thinking about this...

Other people's convictions may not be YOUR convictions from GOD. When we allow other people's convictions become our own we could actually be putting ourselves in bondage and become legalist and religious. All things JESUS came to set us free from. I'm not saying that someone's conviction is wrong for them-if GOD told them to do/not do something. But it is wrong for me to assume that that conviction should become my conviction, unless GOD tells me do/not do something.

It's taken me a long time to understand this. I would hear preachers, pastors, etc. and I then thought well I need to do this or that...I would get so upset...I would allow his conviction to become my conviction and I would become miserable! I would become depressed and angry and in turn I was putting myself into bondage. Who was I angry with? GOD? He never told me to let that become my conviction. MYSELF? Was I angry because it was something I didn't want to give up? If I were really suppose to give it up why was it so hard? GOD's WORD says "My yoke is easy and my burden is light." OTHERS? Was I angry at others because they made me feel condemned? There is no condemation for those that are in CHRIST JESUS. What was I doing? I was actually being condemned by the devil is what was taking place and then I would fall into sin because I was angry and depressed.

I'm still learning, but over the years I'm beginning to slowly grow and understand. What a great feeling not to be bound. We are free in JESUS! We are not bound by other people's convictions, only those GOD lays on our heart! What a blessing!

Blessings until next time! 

PS For the record, I have successfully done a Daniel fast a couple of times. I have also been on a longer fast successfully too.  I don't want anyone to think I didn't have the will


Anne of Alamo said...

I had been saved about 5 months and our church had a 3 day fast pastor didn't tell us we HAD to go 3 days, we were to do what we could...he stressed praying more than the non eating..but my legalistic ears picked up 3 days fast...
2 days in, I cried all the way home ate semi sweet chocolate chips and corn tortillas..gross...and cried more...I called him in absolute failure to Jesus, unworthy, needing a stick to hit myself.
He laughed and said, so how ya doing in prayer...oh praying..not good..he said, well look at it as a falling off a diet. ha ha
so now I fast, ( a few 3 dayers under my belt) but I pray or read or study the word instead of eating..and makes a world of difference. Your post made me smile because your heart is the whole part of the fast LOVE God and just want to be in HIS will and will and will again sacrifice yourself to get closer to Him...that is why I so enjoy you...long comment..but grabbing time when I can!

Goose Hill Farm said...

AMEN, AMEN, AMEN, my sister! You are so right when you say we are not to let others dictate our convictions, but oh how easily it is for us to fall into that and find ourselves in horrible bondage.

PRAISE GOD, my "shackles" are no more! ! ! ! ! !