Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birthdays and BBQ

Well you can probably tell we are celebrating birthdays this weekend!  Dh's bday is tomorrow.  I have no idea what to get him!  
My baby, Belle, will celebrate her birthday on Sunday.  Yikes! she'll be 13! 
Belle loves cupcakes, and baking for that matter, and wants to be a famous baker like Duff Goldman someday!  Hence the background.  =) 
Here's a picture we took together a couple weeks ago:

Dh's bbq is coming along, nicely.  He's quite excited about making it and the endless possiblities.  He really feels lead that this will make some money.  I see that possibility too.  :) 
Monday, dh wasn't feeling so good, so he took the day off.  He had a bit of an upset stomach and also had a severe crick in his neck.  :(  The next day the crick got worse.  He found a chiropractor to go to.  He went and got an adjustment.  His neck and shoulder were out of line.  The doctor told him to come back yesterday, because he still had some adjusting to do.  Apparently he and the doctor had a conversation of the bbq pit. Yesterday the doctor made mention to dh that he could tell that dh was a Christian and that it was very apparent from dh's radiance and contenance.  (don't you love that?) and the Dr is a Christian too.  The Dr. told dh that once he gets his pit made and is ready to start selling bbq, that dh can use his parking lot on Saturdays to sell bbq and that he knows we will make money at it, because we have the favor of GOD. How awesome is that?  What a MIGHTY GOD we serve! 

Here's some pictures of the bbq pit being constructed:

Blessings until next time!


Susan said...

How exciting!!!! Favor, Favor and more Favor :o) LOVE the picture of you and your daughter. Happy birthday to your DH & Daughter. ((hugs))