Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So Honored

Back on my birthday in December, we volunteered for a National Guard Christmas party for families who had loved one's deployed.  It was part of Soldier Angels, which we participated in last year.  Since then my soldier has returned to the US, and I haven't asked for another soldier because I've just been too busy with moving all over the place.  :D  (Hopefully when things settle down) 

At the Christmas party, there really wasn't a lot for us to do, most of the work had been done, but we tried to help where we could. One of my children mentioned to someone that it was my birthday.  (I think it was my youngest)  I was wished Happy Birthday and thank you for coming out, etc. 

There was a guardsman video taping the event.  He was walking around and asking volunteers why they were helping, etc.  He video taped our family. 

Later in the evening, the major general of the base, had a presentation for the loved ones to show them what their soldiers have been doing where they were stationed etc. We were invited to see the presentation also.  I was still in the other room when  my family walked into the auditorium.  When I walked in everyone started singing happy birthday to me!  I was so shocked, and even embarrassed (which doesn't happen much anymore!)  The major general even asked me how old I was!  LOL!  I told him, "I'm 45, and not ashamed to say, because people tell me I look younger."  LOL 

Monday I received an email from the gal who organized the event.  Here's what it said:

Hi Bobbi,

I hope you are doing well this morning! I just received a DVD of the Season
of Sharing event in Fargo last December that was aired on First Air Force Now
news on 30 Dec 09. Your family is on the video and we would like you to have
it. If you could email me your mailing address, I would greatly appreciate
it. Also, Major General Sprynzynatyk, Adjutant General of ND, sent out a
thank you throughout the ND National Guard thanking volunteers for the
volunteerism during National Volunteer Week. Attached is the thank you letter
he sent, in which he mentioned your family.
Have a great day, talk to you soon!

Here's the attached letter from the Adjutant General:
Good evening everyone,

April 18-24 is National Volunteer Week, where we take the time to publicly
recognize our volunteers who dedicate themselves time and again to ensure the
success of our North Dakota National Guard and our Families. We would not be
able to accomplish all that we do without the unwavering dedication and
selfless contributions put forth every day by our volunteers. We have so
many volunteers to name each one, but I will highlight two examples.

The first is Bobbi Santana and her family from Fargo. This past year, the
Santana's volunteered to help out with a National Guard Christmas Event for
our deployed family members. Not only did they take time out of their busy
schedule to volunteer, but it was also on the evening of Bobbi's birthday.
Bobbi later wrote to Family Support conveying how thankful and grateful the
was for the opportunity to volunteer.

Another family that exemplifies volunteerism is the Haugen Family from
Dickinson. A member of the 816th Engineer Company, SFC Richard Haugen, his wife Tess and their three children recently were awarded the North Dakota Family of the Year. But their volunteerism was not just recognized at thestate level, they were selected from over 50 families nationwide to beawarded the 2010 Army National Guard Family of the Year. Their care, concern, devotion and training exemplify what it means to be a volunteer.

It is high caliber volunteers like the Santana's and Haugen's who make a
difference in our organization every day; selflessly putting others before
themselves. As volunteers, they serve as role models for our communities and
families; they demonstrate the power of individuals to effect remarkable
change and you promote volunteer commitment in your community.

We greatly appreciate their generosity, their leadership and cannot thank
them and all our great volunteers enough for their invaluable contributions
as volunteers. Please take a moment to publicly thank our volunteers and
families that make an incredible impact within our organization.


WOW!  I feel so incredibly honored!  What a blessing!  This made my day. 
Blessings until next time!


Susan said...

How wonderful!!! Glad you were honored in such a great way, at the time, and then now again!!!