Monday, May 10, 2010

Off attending a webseminar

A couple weeks ago I won a webseminar to A Woman Inspired conference. I won it because there was a question on how dh and I met.  :D They gave away tickets in a drawing, I think. It's a marriage conference.  I love the concept of being able to stay in (especially today, it's pouring down rain and chilly out) and yet still attend a conference!  I save money on gas, food, lodging, etc. 

So I'm hanging out, listening online to the conference and can still play on my computer and get things done around here!  How cool is that?



Susan said...

Nice. Trust you had a very Happy Mother's Day, Bobbi.

Rosemary said...

Way cool! Hope you get some good stuff out of it. By the way, we had snow for Mother's Day. Just thought I'd share that with you. LOL