Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Thursday night, the kids and I went shopping to find dh a gift for his birthday.  When we drove back to the park, we were amazed to see a great horned owl.  As we came into the park, Doodles asked, "What is that?"  It was hard to see...it was dark, I was about to respond, "It looks like a cat"  As we got closer and the headlights shined towards the figure, it turned his head towards us and looked at us.  We saw his big eyes, and then he spread his winds and took off.  His wing span was as wide as Doodles' car!  It was truly amazing and beautiful. 

Friday, my sister surprised dh and Bella for their birthdays.  She drove in from TX.  It was wonderful to see her!  We had a short, sweet visit.  Dh and I had to work on Saturday afternoon, and again on Sunday morning at the front gate, but the kids got to spend time with her.  Bella was so happy.  She thought her birthday was going to be lousy and turnout she had a huge surprise.  :D

A friend of my sister's and ours came in, also.  He wants to go into business with us.  He gave dh money as a "good faith gesture towards the business".  Dh now has enough money to finish the BBQ pit.  It was GOD's provision again.  We didn't expect the money at all.  It is totally a GOD thing.  Amazing....truly amazing the way GOD is working this whole thing out. 

Blessings until next time!