Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bless those that....

Thursday, we went to do laundry.  We have to take our dog with us, because he is an outside dog, and not allow to stay unattended at the park.  We put him in the back of the pickup, carefully tying him so he can't jump out or injury himself.  We get to the laundromat.  We unload our clothes.  While we are there, there is a gentleman out there smoking.  He clearly sees us.  He sees us attending to the dog.  Belle and I give the dog some water.  We go inside to start our clothes.  Scout starts to bark.  We go out and check on him.  We pet him and tell him to calm down.  We go back to the clothes.  Then Belle says, "Mom should I go put Scout under a tree?"  "Yes, that would be a good idea, Belle."   She takes him under a tree. She gives him more water.  She sits with him.  Joe Bug goes out there too.  Doodles and I are drying and folding the clothes at this point.  Belle comes in.  She put Scout back in the pickup bed...

The gentleman (the one smoking earlier) had seen us several times attend to our pet.  He had been out there smoking a number of times.  He comes into the laundromat, and says, "Are any of you the owner of the dog in the pickup?"  I reply, "Yes, sir, I am"  "Well the Human Society is here, they wish to speak to you.  They came out to look at a few of the dogs we groom. You can't leave a dog in the pickup unattended like that in 90*F weather!"

UMMMM HELLO????  You saw us out there with our dog a number of times!!! 

I replied, "Sir we just put him back in the truck a few minutes ago."  "We can call the police!"-his response.
"No, sir, that won't be necessary." 

I walk over to the Human Society lady.  I said, "Our dog was just under the tree and had water."  "He's panting pretty bad."  "Well he's use to the heat. We're from TX where it gets in the 100's."  "Well he's a dark colored dog.  He needs water."  "Okay, well we will put him back under the tree and get him some more water.  We aren't trying to cause any problems." 

I proceed to walk away....

Some people are so flippin' aggravating!!!  I understand it was warm...but it was only 83*F(not 90*F like the guy said), our dog did have lots of water and was in the shade for most of the time. Dogs pant because it's their way of sweating.  The dog is NOT mistreated!!!  AND futhermore the man KNEW whose dog it was and was a jerk!!!

I had to remind myself to not be angry and pray for this man.  I still am having to remind myself of it.  I had to remind my children too...sigh...

I'm sure he probably called the Human Society...for whatever reason. 

LORD help me to pray for this man and  I choose to forgive him.

(and if you all don't mind, please pray for me too.)

Blessings until next time!

PS.  I forgot to mention that the guy owned a dog grooming shop next door.  There was a lady in the laundromat that saw us tending to our dog, and when the guy came in and got me, afterwards the lady said, "That guy is a jerk.  I took my dog to him one time-that was all.  If you need someone to testify, I saw you tending to your dog, and he did too."  I thanked her very much. 


SAHMinIL said...

That's a bummer to have to deal with that today! (or any day)

redkathy said...

He could have offered to help... Some people!