Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not just another July day

I woke up around 3 am, the pain was intensifying.  I tried to go back to sleep.  I became restless.  I finally woke dh up.  I told him the pain was coming every 15 minutes.  He wrote the times down.  We gathered our belongings, and walked down to the car.  He drove nervously.  He'll say now that he wasn't...but I knew better.  He was driving and writing times down. 

We got to the hospital around 5:30, I think.  The pain was coming closer and closer together.  I got checked my gown, prepped, ready to do this thing.  I was nervous,  I prayed...."LORD don't let me be foolish and say words I'll regret.  Help me not to scream, let this go smoothly and safely." 

I laid and waited.  My family had been called.  My dad showed up and he and dh went for breakfast.  My sister showed up.  She held my hand.  I remember one time the pain was so bad I squeezed her hand and she started to tear up and I teared up. 

The television was on...all the channels were broadcasting the Oliver North trial.  Ollie was on testifying.  This was all I had to watch other than the rain pouring down on another hot, humid July day.  BUT this wasn't just another July day, this was the day my baby girl decided to make her entrance into the world. 

Finally at 1:38 pm she arrived.  The labor and delivery went smoothly.  She began to cry as the doctor removed her thumb from her mouth.  lol 

I only had a local, the rest was natural.  When I was done, held her, etc., I asked  if I could finally eat.  (It had been over 24 hours)  They brought me a club sandwich.  Yum....just one had a tomato on it-yuck!  I pulled it off!  Funny how for 9 months I liked tomatoes, and the day she's delivered I hate them all over again.  lol....she still loves them!

Happy 23rd birthday my beautiful baby girl.  I'm so blessed each day by you! 


Angela Compton said...

Heehee... I knew the tomato part was coming! I hope you enjoy celebrating this day with your Blessing! BTW, I posted about our meeting yesterday on my blog and included a link to your blog - hope that's okay.


Rosemary said...

Oh my, what a priceless baby picture! Birthday blessings to your "baby" girl!