Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thank Goodness!

Yesterday, I was telling my dd about a friend's clean bill of health.  Our friend had received some disturbing news about her health.  After a series of testing, etc., she received a good report and all came out fine. 

My daughter exclaimed, "Thank Goodness!" 

 Where I promptly said, "No, Thank GOD!" 

 She said,  "Isn't HE GOODNESS?"   


With tears in my eyes, I replied, "Yes, HE is!!!  People that don't even believe in GOD our thanking HIM when they say thank goodness.  I feel a blog post coming on!"  :D

So now the interesting thing will be to listen and hear how many people are actually thanking GOD without realizing it. 

And Yes, GOD is GOODNESS.  There is NOTHING but GOODNESS in HIM.  People always want to revert back to the days of Noah and the Old Testament and say things like, "GOD is a destroyer, and I can't worship a God that destroys the earth." blah blah blah...

Honey, let me tell you something... that was the OLD TESTAMENT, when JESUS came all that changed. GOD doesn't destroy anything anymore.  HE may allow things to happen because of sin, BUT HE doesn't do it anymore.  Besides, If you can't serve the ONE, TRUE, LIVING GOD who or what are you going to worship?  Some tree?  They can't save your soul and spirit. Only the ONE, TRUE, LIVING GOD can through HIS son JESUS CHRIST!

Blessings until next time!