Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Amarillo by morning

Well...The saga continues.
Instead of KC, we are headed to Amarillo in the morning. 
Today, dh went to NM with the new/old boss to do a walk down at a job site.  It gave him something to do for the day. 
After posting, and dh got back with the new tires, we were headed to the tire place to have them check the other tires.  On the way over there, the boss from KC called and asked dh what happened in the meeting.  Dh really isn't sure why the guy did what he did.  He has some thoughts on it, but I'll skip on explaining those.  Then the boss asked if dh would mind going to Amarillo.  Dh said, "Nope, as long as I get to keep working."  So the um "adventure" continues.