Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Meet me in St. Louie, Louie"

Last week we met my sister in St. Louis.  She had flown to NY to visit some of our family and then flew down to St. Louis to meet up with us and so we all could meet some friends that we've known since 1972(?). 

Of course the trip started off adventurous, needless to say.  First we needed to get new license plates for the camper.  That in itself is a story.  sigh~ 

In KS, you have to have your RV inspected before you can get a plate.  (they have to make sure it's the same vin number.  It's not the kind of inspection to make sure the lights are working, etc)

So the day we were off to do the inspection, DH went to connect the 5th wheel to the truck.  The front stands to the 5th wheel somehow gave, and the camper came crashing down on the bed sides of the truck, leaving huge dents on both sides of the bed of the truck and messing up some of the RV. 

We got down to the inspection place in the nick of time, then had to go to the courthouse to get the plates.  Of course the people at the courthouse didn't give me all the information I needed and the drama continues.
So after an all day affair on and off at the courthouse we had our plates.  (I'll save you the drama)

We stayed in the RV in a KOA.  Dh bought tickets to a Cardinals game and season passes to Six Flags ($10 more for a season pass than a one day pass, and good at all the Six Flag parks).

My sister flew in on Thursday, her birthday, the second.  We picked her up at the airport, went out for breakfast, went back to the RV for a nap, then off to the ball game. 

When we got to downtown STL, I was driving, DH was telling me where to park.  He'd already purchased tickets for the game and parking online.  So we are hunting for the parking lot we are suppose to park in.  We went to three different parking lots, and none of them were correct.  Somehow my sister asked for the receipt from DH.  She looked at the receipt and said, "Um, this parking is for the first, not tonight.  So are these tickets."  My heart sank.  DH looked at the recipt, printed off the internet.  His heart sank.  He covered his face with his hands and said, "I can't believe I put the wrong date in."  Oldest DD said, "Daddy, go to the front office and explain what happened. Maybe they can fix it."  Of course the receipt said, "NO REFUNDS. NO EXCHANGES."  DH said, "Yeah, I'll go talk to them, maybe they can do something."  DD said, "Let's pray first"  So we prayed and asked GOD to work something out.  We dropped DH off and we drove around, waiting. 

While we were driving, all I could think about was the $200+ that would be wasted.  I prayed, asking the LORD to work it out somehow.  I was literally sick to my stomach. I sent out a prayer request to my friends on Facebook, saying something like, "Prayers for supernatural favor needed now."

After about 10 minutes, DH called and said, "You'll never believe this. I explained the situation and they gave us field box tickets. These are better than what we paid for.  Come and park near the first parking spot we went to. I'll tell you all about it when you guys get here. Call me then."

My heart leaped.  I whispered and prayer of thanksgiving to the LORD and explained the situation to everyone and we all were thankful.

We parked and called DH.  When we got to him, he had such a joyful look on his face.  He looked like a little boy.  It was so very cute.  ;)

He said he explained to the lady that we came in for the ballgame for tonight and somehow he accidently ordered the tickets for the first.  (and we still truly don't know how he did that.)  He explained we drove in to meet my sister from KC, KS, who flew in from out of town, to see the game for her birthday, and how it was a lot of money that was going to be wasted, was there anything she could do.  She said, "Let me go speak to my manager, I'll be back in a few minutes sir."  When she came back, probably after looking to see if we used our tickets for the previous night, and checking with her manager, she said, "My manager said to give you 6 tickets in a good section. We can't give you your same spot from last night, but we can find something." DH said, "No ma'am, I understand.  Just something, even blechers seat will be fine.  It was my mistake."  They ended up giving us Field box tickets which costs $77 each!  The tickets we paid for were like $18 each.  What a MAJOR BLESSING!!!!

Although I'm not a Giants fan or a Cardinals fan, we cheered on the Cardinals that night, because they were so very kind to us.  They lost 12-7.  :( 

What a great story of GOD's faithfulness, even though I've been so distant to Him. 
Thank YOU again, LORD.  :)