Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cadillac Ranch

Probably most of you have seen these pictures on my FB.  Yes, I have wonderful friends, for the most part, that talked me back into going over to FB, not to mention I was extra emotional last week...if you know what I mean....

We went to Cadillac Ranch the other day. It was so unbelieveably hot. Of course everyday seems hot because of spending the last 2 years up north!

For those of you that don't know, Cadillac Ranch is a row of Cadillacs put in the ground upside down, as a form of art in a farm field.  You can read more HERE.

It was so hot, we didn't think the kids would want to walk up to the cadillacs.  So we took pictures from the side of the road.
The kids were like, "Ah that's cool, can we walk up?"  yikes....it's hot!!!!  but we did it!

Here's DH and I...don't even ask what's up with my hair...too much wind and the sunglasses pulled on the top of my head!

Here's the kiddos:
We left, and the kids were disappointed we didn't bring the spray paint.  "Can we go get some and come back? We want to graffiti!" LOL "Yes, later when it cools down."  "Oh that means we won't!"

But not true!  We went to Palo Duro Canyon next.  Got our TX State Parks season passes, drove around where the temps were even hotter!  120*F in the Canyon!

Afterwards, we went to the Big Texan Steakhouse.  For those of you that don't know, The Big Texan is a famous landmark in Amarillo for their 72oz steak challenge.  You can read more HERE and HERE.  While we were there, two guys tried the challenge.  The first guy quit after about 30 minutes with about 1/2 his steak left.  The second guy seemed awfully slow, and we left before his hour was up. 

From there we went to Hellmart, aka Walmart (if you don't know why I call it that, I have a love/hate relationship with them and probably have some posts on this blog about it, otherwise they have been deleted from my old blog) and got some spray paint for the kids.  Belle got red and Joe Bug got black.  We drove back over to Cadillac Ranch and here's the kids creations:

Great day in all.  Came home exhausted and crashed from all that heat!  :)


ptrmom said...

I told you to take spray paint! :) Glad you went back. I'm sure my graffiti is well covered now, it was put on about fifteen years ago. lol And to think those Caddies were in pristine condition when he buried them. Art. Go figure.

I spent so many years living up in that country I know how miserable the heat can be. Not envying you. But then I'm suffering with heat and a bit of humidity down here. don't know which is worse. Dry hotter heat or wet heat.

Goose Hill Farm said...

Great pics, my friend!