Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And the nomination goes to....

A week or so ago, I saw on FB that my credit union was giving away a $3000 home makeover.  I didn't do anything about it.  When I went to the website, I saw it again, and thought I'll check it out.  I went back to FB and it said to click and nominate someone and why. It took me over to the credit union's FB page.  I didn't need to think about who I wanted to nominate.  I knew right away who it would be.  This is what I said:

 I want to nominate my friend Christy and her husband who is a police officer for the city of Austin.  They are awesome and bless me in so many ways.  They both work hard for their community, church, family and friends.  I know they would really appreciate a makeover.
Their FB reply was:
Thank you!  We love those that serve our city!

Monday, as I was getting ready to leave KS, I got a FB pm.  It said,  
Hi, I work for Amplify Credit Union and would like to talk to you about your nomination. Can you please email me at **********or ******@*******.com
I responded by email explaining I would be on the road all day.  Got another email that said to call on Tuesday.  To make a long story short,  I emailed them Tuesday, explaining more about my friend and that my phone service stinks where I am at, but they could try to call me or ask me more questions via email.   I got this reply:
Bobbi - thank you! Can you provide me with their contact info? Phone and or email? We want to notify them that they won :)     
My response:
 OH MY GOD!!!!! oh yes!!!! Thank you!!!!!!! OH YES!!!!

Christy's number is 512-***-****


WHAT A BLESSING to be a BLESSING with a very SMALL act. 

Thank YOU LORD for blessing my friends.  They have blessed me in SO MANY ways and I am so thankful YOU are faithful to hear and answer and bless those that are a blessing.  YOU have blessed me again by blessing them.  I am so thankful, and I know they are too. 

Blessings to all of you today!

PS  I really hate to leave this on a somewhat sad note, but could you all please lift up my friend, Rosemary and her family, today and the next few days?  She lost her mom unexpectedly yesterday. This is what she posted on her FB page:
My mom passed away unexpectedly this afternoon. She was talking with family, then took a few deep breathes, then just stopped breathing. A nice, quiet way to go. Now she is in heaven with my dad and the angels.
Sounds very bittersweet.
Thanks friends and blessings to you all!



Susan said...

How wonderful for you and your friends!!!!! It's always good to hear about someone being blessed. Sorry for your friends loss but what a way to go. We would all wish for that. Watching one going slowly, as we had to do with our daughter, is awful :o(