Saturday, April 5, 2008

Costco Cart etiquette

I'm going to write a letter to Costco proposing that before they hand a membership to people that it is required to take Shopping Cart etiquette 101...

  • Not only do people lack manners, but what about common sense????
  • How difficult is it to get out of the way so others can get through???
  • How come people's little kids have to be wandering throughout the store and jumping around on a Saturday when there are a half a million people in the store?
  • How come little kids are standing in the cart?
  • Why does traffic have to flow 13 different ways when the aisle has two sides?
  • How come when you say excuse me, even though you're not the one in the way, people look at you like you have eight arms and 14 eyes?
  • Why does Costco have palets of stuff blocking the aisles?
  • and most importantly...why did I tell dh I would go to Costco on a Saturday afternoon???