Saturday, April 5, 2008

When to pray

1 Thessalonians 5:17 (KJV)
17 Pray without ceasing.

My friend Scotschooler is somewhat responsible/inspired me to write this post...
On one of her posts she says...

How often do you tell someone you'll pray for them and never do?? That's the worst isn't it, especially when the next time you see that person you realize you didn't and can't honestly say, "I've been praying for you

I'll be honest...I use to be one of those's true, I WAS, but somewhere I heard someone like our Pastor, from ALCC, or Bro. Jesse DuPlantis say would you like to pray now? Pray right then and there, then you don't have time to forget. That really stuck with me. If the person doesn't have time to pray, and needs to leave, I try to do it in my head then. I still sometimes forget...but it's not near as often.

I encourage all that read this post to try this too! Sometimes prayers need to be sent to Heaven quickly.

Blessings until next time!!!