Monday, September 22, 2008

A divine appointed camping trip

You probably all know by now, that I don't take anything as coincidental. I believe things happen for a reason, including being sent to a certain time at a certain place. Well that happened this weekend, when we finally decided to go camping at Garner State Park. Thursday morning we finally decided to go...but first there were lots of things to do. Wash clothes, go to the store, wait for dd to come home from school, etc. So we finally got going around 6 pm that evening. We stopped in Marble Falls for gas and a few things we forgot. We stopped in Johnson City at Dairy Queen for food, which might I add was disgusting....gag! Anyhow we finally were driving down the road with a goal in stop in Boerne and then finish the drive in the morning, a little over half way. So that's what we did. We camped at Walmart overnight, and then headed out early.

We got to Garner about 7:30 am. We drove around and then went into the ranger's office when it opened at 8 am. We registered, went and drove around again, because we went to set up. The ranger told us to come back after we picked out a we went back in again around 9 am. When we went back in we had to wait in line. There were two young hispanic fellows in front of us. They looked pretty rough, but as usual that didn't stop dh and I from talking to them. :)
He found out they were there from Galveston. Brothers, with families, and mom and dad, staying at the park. Lost everything due to Ike. Were staying somewhere else, but money got tight, and heard the parks were letting hurricane victims stay free, so they came. They had a good outlook on the situation. Dh and I visited with them for a few more minutes, they were called up and we found out what site they were staying in.

When we were done dh and I got in the truck and knew we were suppose to help them out. Dh felt they probably needed sleeping bags and pots and pans. We went over and asked if they needed things and how they were on food, etc. They said the kids were sleeping on the floor of the camper with some blankets. So sleeping bags would be perfect. They also needed some frying pans, and their vehicles needed gas. I'm so thankful my man hears from the HOLY SPIRIT!!! We said we would be back to get them in a bit, we needed to shower.

We took showers and went back. When we got back over to their site, the one brother said that as soon as we left they started getting calls from FEMA and food stamps, and that they were going to be able to be set up in a hotel on Sunday. Both brothers were excited, and said as soon as you left...well, we had already told them earlier, they needed to check out our home church when they get back. So we knew it was GOD putting things in motion. They still needed we knew this would be our blessing. We had to go to Walmart and get dh's oil changed (new truck tells you the oil has to be changed...sign won't stop bugging you until you do it). We went to Walmart got a few gift cards for gas and a few things for the kids to color with.

Dh went back over later and delivered the was indeed a time to minister. He was able to share some of our history and how GOD has changed our lives. He was able to share to the mother and father and the wives of these men, as well. Shared the gospel and salvation and to check our home church out, and to pray with them and tell them GOD wants us to prosper according to HIS WORD.

We knew it was an divine appointed camping trip! We knew GOD sent us there for that very reason. We are blessed to be a blessing...and boy does that feel good!

I don't share this story to boast on myself. I shared this story to share about how good GOD is!!! HE is so good to us. HE loves us so much. HE wants the very best for HIS children. GOD's not up on HIS throne, waiting to hit you with his gaffle. HE's a good, loving, and kind GOD. He wants you to know HIS truth.


Robin said...

Just stopping by to say hello and I like your blog. Hope you will stop by too. I love christian music too:)

Anonymous said...

Divine indeed. :)

marky said...

bobbi what a beautiful story. You are such a delight to the Lord! I love how you boldly follow His prompting and then proclaim His promises! Thanks for sharing that story.

Stacey said...

I love when GOD does things like that!!!! How awesome!