Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stylish and Hip-how?

So yesterday we went to Walmart and lil dd needed some deodorant . She picked out some Teen Spirit by Lady Speed Stick Pop star fragrance. Last night when I went into the bathroom to get ready for bed I noticed the lid said stylish and hip...I cracked up laughing...deodorant stylish and hip??? Unless someone is going around with her arms up all day so everyone can smell her deodorant (which btw doesn't seem too stylish or hip to me and/or it leaves some kind of line-maybe neon art) how can it be stylish and hip??? Then this morning when I go to find a picture (which I can't copy and paste) I read the little advertising bull for"A stylish and hip new scent to match your pop star attitude". LOL...Geez how fun, I wanna use some now!!! ;P


Anonymous said...

Maybe they have some "joyful and full of life" scent for old tired moms.

marky said...

We just got some of that new Hip stuff in our home too!