Thursday, March 19, 2009

After Midnight...

Belle had her cousin spend Monday night. I was chatting with a friend into the wee hours. It was around 12:15 and she comes in and asks if she and K could make cupcakes. Oh YAH, sure, I'm thinking....UMM NO, I don't think so! 12:15....cupcakes? Right! Needless to say, "Sweetie it's 12:15, you girls need to get ready to go to sleep soon." I'm such an uncool

Doodles and I went out shopping Monday for our traditional cornbeef and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day. While out at Walmart, I cracked up laughing, and said, "I think we should walk up to people that aren't wearing green, that we're going to pinch them!" Of course dd and I just laughed and laughed. I'll have you know we didn't pinch anyone, we had common sense and refrained, so we wouldn't end up in the pokey. LOL As my friend, M, said, "Yes, funny how common sense does that." I told her common sense takes the fun out of a lot of things! :P

I had fun talking to an old, old, old friend and past neighbor I found on facebook. He and his family lived next door to us when I was 7 and he was 5. He has a brother that is my age and a younger brother. Over the years our families still kept in touch. His mom was like a second mom to me. :) While we were visiting last night, on the phone, he said his dd(19) after finding out I found him on FB and he explained who I and my family was, said, "Dad they should have an Old People's FB!" and then when he told his mom and dad I found him on FB,and what his dd said, his dad looked at his dd and said, "Well then they should have an Old, Old People's FB because your grandma and I just joined!" roflol! I wanna know who his dd is calling old? :P

I'm saddened to hear the news of Natasha Richardson's death. So very sad. I loved her in the remake of the Parent Trap. My heart just sang when dd told me she had passed away. It so sad thinking she probably didn't know the LORD. My prayers go out to her friends and loved ones. May GOD use this for HIS glory and may they that don't know HIM get saved through this sad tragic loss.


sweeteeyore71 said...

knowing my son--if i joked about pinching people on St. Patricks day--he probably would have LOL--oh the joys of a "7" year old--and i don't think i had green on that day--so i am sure it would have been right back at ya!!!!! thanks for sharing and blessings

Jen said...

It is funny to listen to the younger generation talk to our parents and grandparents about facebook and such. I get such a kick out of it. Our local news channel has a segmant on Fridays just for facebook. They go over step by step how to set it up and such. I love your blog.