Wednesday, March 4, 2009

smallest thing, biggest pleasure!

I love when my kids find the biggest pleasure in the smallest thing! Today, my precious darlings were out flying a kite. The joy on their faces brought great joy to my heart! It was the perfect skies, and a nice March wind.

Bella has had her kite for almost a year, and every so often she asks if she may fly her kite...usually when it's not windy. LOL! When I told her sure, I wasn't even sure it was windy outside! Thank goodness it was! So she went out and was out flying her kite, then I asked Joe Bug to check on her. He went over to thing I knew they were both taking turns and the delight on their faces was so precious. I had to take pictures! :)

Soon it was time to run errands, so the kite had to be put away. When we got back Bella asked if she could go fly her kite again. Sure...soon she was running up to the RV door, crying. What is it? Sigh...the kite was stuck in the tree....OH NO!

I tried to get it out, but I broke the string. I saw the maintenance man and told Belle to see if he could help. Just as he was returning with a long plastic pipe thing, dh got home...together they were able to get the kite out of the tree. PTL...all smiles again! YAY!!!

Hopefully again tomorrow...

Blessings until next time!


Anonymous said...

sometimes i miss those carefree days when the smallest things like that brought the biggest pleasures--oh to be a kid again :)

Susan said...

The simple joys of childhood.

Rosemary said...

I feel the same way you do---I love it when my kids take pleasure in simple things. Your kids are older than mine, so I'm encouraged that I still have a few more years of that to look forward to. Thanks for sharing this glimpse.