Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hail Damage...

We had a way wicked storm pass through this evening. I got hail damage on my van and dh got some on his older of the two trucks. :(

The girls and I were driving home from Walmart in it, in dd's car. The car doesn't look like it got any damage. We tried to find a covering, but everyone else was trying to do the same. All we could do is pray. It looks like moving through it helped the most. Dh and ds were in the other truck and it seems the same-no damage! PTL!

After we got home, there way a rainbow over the house. Dd said, "I told GOD that's not funny." I reminded her it was GOD's promise. I said, "What satan meant for evil, GOD is just reminding us of HIS promise!" :D

Thank YOU LORD for YOUR promises that are everlasting and true. Thank YOU that YOU kept us safe and protected us today while we drove home in the nasty weather. Thank YOU that even though satan tried to attack, YOU reminded us of YOUR promises and good things that YOU provide for us. YOU are such a good GOD and I love YOU. amen!

BTW...we might have some good news to share soon. I would appreciate if you keep us all in your continued prayers.

Blessings until next time!


Rosemary said...

I'm glad your hail damage wasn't any worse. How good that you can find the blessing in it.

I am tired today: we got home late last night. Today is my one day "off" so to speak, before 5 days of running. I know, I know, it's normal stuff to you, but to me it's a big deal. LOL. Tuesday 2:30 is the move-out inspection at my MIL's apartment: please pray that everything is out by then and that it goes well. I will be so very thankful to get this all finished!