Sunday, March 15, 2009

$100 reminder

Last year when we went to SC, the man that owned the RV park, was a Christian man. Now, I'm not one to worry much, but after the disasterous trip up, and the buying of new tires etc...I was rather concerned about money. Soon after we got to the RV park, and the owner got to know us, he gave dh a $100 bill...he said, "I don't know why I'm giving this to you, but I feel led by the LORD." Dh looked at me and said, "That's for you!" I knew what it was was a reminder from my FATHER...a reminder telling me not to worry about finances.

Yesterday, my dh and ds were at Home Depot, while the girls and I met up with a gal that I knew in Highschool (I share that later). While dh was there, he overheard a lady needing electrical help. Dh somehow ended up chatting with the woman and offered to do some electrical work for her, for $100. Her dh past away last year. :( When dh called to tell me, I thought, that's a little bit more than I thought he should charge.

When dh got home from doing the work last night, dh asked me if I thought he charged too much. I said, "It seemed like a little more than you would usual charge someone and with her being a widow..." Dh said, "Yeah, I was thinking the same thing." So he decided to call her, and let her know... (mind you my dh is a very fair and resonable person, he often doesn't take money at all...but has learned that sometimes you take it because the other person needs seed to plant and grow. Often he wouldn't charge when we really needed it, and the LORD reminded him he is worthy of the pay)

Dh called the lady and said, "Mrs. C, I feel like I charged you too much and would like to return some of the money. I haven't done contract work in awhile, and really didn't know what to charge." She told him that she thought it was a fair amount and she didn't feel overcharged at all. She wouldn't have accepted dh to do the job over at Home Depot if she felt it was unfair.

After dh got off the phone, later in the evening, he said, "No, $100 was fair, it was for her to plant a seed."

This morning, while still groggy, as I walked to the bathroom, the LORD spoke to me...this $100 was a reminder...everything is going to be fine, don't be concerned. :)

Oh LORD GOD, thank YOU for YOUR promises, that are faithful and true. Thank YOU that YOU never leave us, YOU never forsake us. Thank YOU that when we forget YOUR promises, YOU remind them to us. Thank YOU for each family that is represented when someone reads this blog, that they will be blessed-spiritually, physically, mentally, and financially according to YOUR promises in YOUR WORD. Thank YOU that YOU give them each peace, as YOU have given me. Thank YOU that YOU give them hope for each new day, and they will just trust YOU today and only for today, because tomorrow will take care of itself. Thank YOU for YOUR great love for us, and forgiveness that only YOU can give. In YOUR precious SON, JESUS' NAME. amen


Anonymous said...

Hey Bobbi,
Wanted you to know I can't read the white lettering in your post!

Take care!
Be blessed

Susan said...

We've seen it over and over in our life. You cannot out give God. You plant the seeds and fruits come forth. Thanks for sharing what God is doing in your lives.

Anonymous said...

See, I knew I didn't want to miss this post! May God continue to bless your family!

Love Ya

Rosemary said...

You were right to think of me. Isn't God good?!!!
hugs to you, sister,

pottermom said...

We all those reminders at times.