Tuesday, March 24, 2009

fun stuff

Dh and I moved the RV over to our POA's campground, so while the open house was taking place, you wouldn't see the driveway filled with stuff. Last night dh says his back and neck are hurting from our mattress at home. We actually drive over to the RV at 1:30 am and crawl into bed there! Yeah, we're nuts...but dh has spent so much time sleeping away from home, he's use to the other bed!

more funny things:
The other day Doodles and I were at Curves working out. (yeah we do that sometimes...lol...yeah, I know, ya can't tell) and somehow we started talking with some other ladies about elephants gestation period. Another lady said she was watching a show the other day on Discovery (or one of those shows) about a baby elephant being born. One lady said, How does it come out? Head first or trunk first? and the lady thought she meant does that baby elephant come through the trunk! Oh my stars was that funny!!! Can you even imagine? ugh the pain...not like it's not painful enough...I mean almost 2 years of pregnancy, a 200+ pound baby....but through the trunk???? roflol!!!

The other day when I was at the credit union trying to take care of my bounced check (heavy sigh) the banking lady, Britina said, It's okay that's what we are here for. I said, "Well you're not here on Sunday"LOL and she replies, "NO, that's what church is for!" Amen sista!!! lol it was very funny...sure put a smile on my face! You have to understand, our CU is one of those that still believes in knowing everyone's name...we use to go in a start singing the theme to Cheers! LOL (um, they don't serve beer there though...LOL)

Okay, I think that's it for now...
Blessings until next time!


Rosemary said...

I was listening to a message from Charles Stanley this evening (from a link on THL actually) and I thought of you . . . he was talking about how mothers need to be encouragers, and I though about how you are such an encourager. I love reading your posts, and chatting with you, because you always offer some encouragement, mixed with some laughter. I love that about you! Thanks so much for being my on-line friend! I enjoyed your post today---yes, all of it. I think you are perfectly correct to be up on that soapbox.
hugs to you,

Susan said...

You have a wonderful sense of humor and it stood out loud and clear in this post.