Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Sing-Along

Yesterday, I was all upset because I accidently bounced a check. It's because I a few weeks ago, someone conveniently decided to use dh's Visa check card number for an online purchase of $600. We transfer the rest of our money into another acct and cancelled the cards. I've been using another checking account to pay bills. It got confusing, and though I had the money in there at the time, I forgot to transfer some more for something else. Needless to say, I was/am very upset with myself.

On the way to the credit union, I heard this song. Funny, because I almost picked this song last week. Now I know why it was this week's pick instead. LOL

The credit union did what they could on their end to help me. Hopefully the doctor I wrote the check to won't charge me a return fee.

Now if I can only remember that I'm not perfect, not that I really think I am, but sometimes I think I have to be...KWIM? and I make mistakes...and I'm nothing without HIM on the days I try...and not be so hard on myself, so I don't break down and cry in the credit union. Yes, I did! :P So, yes, I would appreciate prayers. :D


Anonymous said...

nice song--thanks for sharing--i love to hear new songs :)

Rosemary said...

I've heard this song on the radio---I didn't realize she was so young! Or is it that I'm getting old? LOL Bummer about the check---don't hate it when you do something with consequences that you know you could of prevented, but you forgot to do something? I hate when that happens! The huge bummer is the reason you had to play musical accounts, though---will you get that $600 back, or is it gone? That would steam me, either way, that someone would do that.

It's late and I'm tired---sorry if I'm not making as much sense as I should. Just checking in.
Love ya', sister,