Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lost Art...

Haven't felt much like blogging...for that matter being on my computer lately.  I've taken up reading books again-almost a lost art...lol. 

Currently, I'm reading "The Love Softly" Series again.  I read them about 10 years ago.  I love these books.  Very encouraging and reminds me how blessed we are today to have all the modern conveniences. 

Last week we had a cousin visiting.  She is Bella's age-13.  We had fun hanging out and running around town discovering more of it. 

Two weeks ago, I got to meet my url friend Angela.  She lives in MO, near KC.  She and her daughters met us at Barnes and Nobles and we had a Starbucks. :D    I met Angela on the Homeschool Lounge and we've kept in touch on FB too.  She's a beautiful lady on the outside-model beautiful!  But she is even more beautiful on the inside.  Her heart is to serve the LORD!  I hope we get to meet up with her again soon!

The BBQ pit is coming along nicely.  I have news to share about that...maybe later this week.  :D

A few prayer requests:
Josh-my cousin's finance's son.  He was severely injured in Afghanistan.  He is now in the US, but still in serious condition.

Josh and Drew-some young men we've met here in the park.  (I'll share later how, etc)  job and finances

Angie-complete healing in her body.

Christy-going through some major life transitions.

I know GOD will richly reward you for praying!  :D  I can't thank you all enough.

Not much else new.  Blessings until next time!