Monday, June 20, 2011

Because I can't just have a "semi" normal life..............

Nope....I have to have a life of "ADVENTURE"  or most people would probably call it life's mishaps....

First of all, DD did find a place to live until the end of July.  She was at work Thursday night, and I was hanging out in the Bistro section.  A co-worker of her's walked by as she was working in Starbucks.  I happened to be over there chatting with her at the time.  She asked him if he knew anyone looking for a roommate or had an apartment avaliable.  He said his sister was trying to sublease her apartment.  To make a long story short, it all worked out and dd is still in KS.

Now for the continuing saga of my great adventures....
We left KS yesterday morning around 5:30.  It's a 12 hour drive to Midland from there.  We had been on the road approximately an hour before the "adventures" begin. sigh~

We had a blowout outside of Topeka.  We got it changed.  Back on the road. DH informs me that we are going to go to Dallas to meet some friends for lunch. 

Uh...honey, we've been up since 3:45 am.  We've had a blowout.  Dallas is 2 hours out of the way.  Then there will be dinner and visiting time.  So the 8 hours we had still to go (from the destination at time DH told me about Dallas visit) now we have at least 12 hours more to go!!!!  UGH!

After the visit in Dallas, we had 6 hours to go.  We traveled 2 of the 6 and were totally pooped out.  DH talked to his supernice boss.  Boss said no worries, be careful, etc. 

We stopped in Ranger, TX at an RV park.  Spent the night.  On the road by 7:30.  Stop in Big Spring for lunch.  On the road 30 minutes or less....ANOTHER BLOWOUT!!!!  This time no spare.  Midland about 30 minutes away.  DH and DS take tires to get replacements.  $300!  YIKES!!!

While waiting to get tires mounted on rims, and as I am typing this....DH goes to office and meets the boss and the client. After the meeting I get a call from DH. The client doesn't want DH on the project, SO after all this "ADVENTURE", we are now heading back to KS in a few days.  DH is going to NM to do a walkdown tomorrow with the new/old boss.  DH still has a job in the KC office, though.  That's certainly a plus!  (Thank YOU, LORD!)  and the company is paying for all the expenses, minus the tires.

I wonder if I can have my job back at the park?  ;)


P* said...

Wow! Thinking of you, BB & continuing to pray for a time of great blessing for you and your family! Enough of this other stuff!:-/

Btw, you are gonna be one piece o' shiny gold someday. Oooo...that'll go great w/your cape!;)


Barb Kelley said...

oh my word, Bobbi, you couldn't MAKE this stuff up!

Goose Hill Farm said...

"And I will praise YOU in this storm....!"

Hey......who wants to be "normal" anyway? :> )

Love you, Cheesey~