Monday, January 28, 2008

manners...or the lack of...

I'm at Walmart today of all places...Yes, many of you know how I feel about that store...anyhow...and I'm in line waiting to check out. As I'm waiting there's a lady in front of me. I already put my items on the belt with the little divider thingy...there's a gal behind me...there's not another divider thingy. She uses her 6 or 8 or however many bottles of vegetable oil to divide my groceries from her's and she's not leaving any space between my groceries and her oil! In fact she propped her oil right on the edge of my french bread loaf. Then when the divider thingy is free and I decide to put it between my stuff and hers (which btw I had to push her oil back some) she's like, "Oh sorry"... oh yeah right whatever...and then she rams her cart into my bottom. "Oh sorry" yeah, right whatever lady...

Okay, granted the woman was polite enough to say she was sorry, but did she mean it...who knows??? My question is, Why do we live in such a rude and inconsiderate society? Why is it that even the church/christian people have become so rude, and lack to teach manners?

I'm seriously thinking manners need be be taught in school, at church, etc, etc...

I seriously have a problem with the lack of manners in today's society! It really bugs me when people think they are too good to say "Excuse me" when they are practically plowing you over with their grocery cart...and then when you politely say, "Excuse me" they make this loud huffy, puffy you're at fault!!! What's up with that???? :( What about when people are blocking the entrance of an establishment and thy clearly see you and won't move? What's that about??? So then I say, "Excuse me!?" ACK!!! it drives me nuts!!!

Does anyone else have this problem or at least notice it? or is it just me?



Anonymous said...

sadly, I'm the one not paying attention and ramming my cart into people's bottoms.
you know i distract easily.
however, i never let my oil touch another's bread, that IS rude ;)

Stacey said...'re not the only one, sister! I get so annoyed with everyone thinking their time is more important than mine. It seems like the grocery store is the WORST place to go anymore. In fact, I've started going late at night to avoid the people who are in such a rush to get wherever that they plow me over!