Sunday, January 13, 2008

NO Laptop, NO TV....

This past week I've been with dh and the younger two at the vacation home (aka the RV). Monday my laptop died when I went to start it...dh looked it over and determined it was some ribbon connector thingy-yeah I know real technical-that of course was not what dh called it....but hey I'm a girl and this is my blog and I can call it whatever I please...and besides I don't know what it's called without going to ask dh :P...

We are also without television in the rv-not that I really mind...I'm not a big tv person anyhow, but now that the kids are busy on school I have nothing to do in my free time (and there's's only a 30 ft doesn't take long to clean!) The RV park we're staying at doesns't have cable and we haven't decided whether we want to get Dish or not (recall my nightmare with DirecTV, on old blog)

Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have my new 17 inch Dell Laptop...thank you, Honey. (that would be dh for any of you that couldn't figure that out...:P) Anyhow as soon as I have laptop again, I'll be posting more regularly.

Blessings until then (well and after then and between then too-LOL)!