Tuesday, August 26, 2008

5 years, rain, mice and other happenings...

I thought I'd do a catch up post since I haven't posted in quite awhile...which I hate...
First of all we didn't have internet for several days, but then dh figured out that the router needed to be reset.

Hmm...lets see...
Last weekend (the 16th and 17th) we were in Houston and saw the Astros. It was raining SO bad in Houston on Saturday, that you couldn't even see the skyscrapers...we did see SCC that day and that was awesome. Sunday was Biggio's retirement. It was fun and the Astros actually won.

Monday, we hung out with our friends and Joe Bug went and saw "Journey to the Center of the Earth". The girls and I hung out with my buddy, M, and we also went shopping.

Tuesday, we headed out to Jackson, MS so we could meet dh there. Doodles headed back toward TX on Wed and we headed towards SC.

Wednesday, was dh's and my 22nd annivesary. We celebrated it driving and stopping on the road at Longhorn Steak house, then finishing up the drive.

Thursday...who knows...

Friday...again who knows...recovery days probably...lol

Saturday...we went to Ashville, NC. with April and her girls...very interesting...not what I expected. I thought it would be a quaint, pretty little city-much like Greenville...but NOPE it's not...talk about ick...it's a total grunge city. Hippies, dreadlocks, tatooes, body piercings...blech...certainly not my cup of tea.

After we got back we all went for ice cream at a local place. It's one of those places that you order at the window and eat outside (or take it home). We decided to eat there and hang out visiting on the benches. Next to the benches are bushes. Katie, April's oldest use to work at this shop, and said, "There's little mice that come out at night in those bushes" I asked if they come out before that. She said no....yeah right!!!! A few minutes later (we all were done with our ice cream) Joe Bug says, "Speaking of mice" and points...there are two or three little mice down on the sidewalk under one of the benches. Most of us girls...let out screech....................I screech the loudest. I hate mice!!! Hate! hate! hate!!!! We all ran to the cars and that finished that.

Yesterday, I got the joy and priviledge of meeting my dearest friend in person and her dd. We met on a homeschool board (yes, the one I left) in chat and have chatted, emailed, spoke on the phone, etc for the past 5 years. My friend lives in NC and we met about halfway. It was so wonderful to hug her neck and see her in person. (I'm started to cry just thinking about it.) She is so wonderful. I love her so much. It was amazing to see her. Neither one of us wanted to say good bye. We met at a mall and it poured down rain for hours...at least 2-3. We got a little worried that we would be stranded. Although it would have been fun to spend more time with each other. I get teary eyed just thinking about our day. Needless to say, I hope we can someday spend more than an afternoon together (I know there's Heaven, but I mean before then).

Today, it is still raining. April and Kalie are on there way over and we are going to Walmart to do a little shopping. It seems like the rain isn't going to end. I hope it will by Thursday. We had planned on going to the Columbia zoo today, but that ended up not working out because of the rain.

I think that's about it...
we will be heading home on the 5th. Dh starts the new job on the 8th, instead of the 2nd.

Blessings until next time!


Penless Thoughts said...

Boy, you've been doing a lot of things. So wonderful you got to meet that friend after all this time. So glad it lived up to expectations.

Sombra said...

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Jenileigh said...

It's good to catch up with you. I miss and love you my Bobbi!