Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My thoughts on Sarah Palin

I think she very well maybe called by GOD, as Deborah, in the book of Judges. I think her lack of experience is actually a plus. I'm tired of hearing about the lack of experience she has when people are willing to vote for Obama and what experience does he have? Until about a year or so ago...he doesn't even have a paper trail...doesn't that ring any bells in people's heads or even spirits??? Has anyone read his first book? "Dreams from My Father"...I haven't read it yet...but from what I've heard from friends that have, they say he clearly is prejudice against white people. This was before he was even considering becoming president...that doesn't scare people???

Not mention Obama's stand on health care, abortion, social issues...I can go on and on...

Frankly, I'm tired of people saying they are Christians and then vote for their wallet...where's putting all their trust in GOD? They always end up having an excuse on why...

I don't care if Palin is republican or democrat...I care that she stands up for what I believe in.

I think it's sad that people can't see that we are in grave danger of America becoming a battle ground not just from terrorists, but from a civil war and a spiritual war like we've never faced before.

As far as Palin's 17 year old dd is concerned...I'm sure some people will say (especially "Christians" that think her place is in the home and not as the VP) "This just proves she should be at home"...HELLO!!! There's lots of Christian (and non Christian) young girls that their moms stayed home and they are pregnant!!! Give me a break! I think the way the Palin's have decided to support her and the father is loving and the way I'd handle it if I was put in that position. (at least I hope I would)

Up until about a century ago, getting married and poppin' babies out in the teen years was perfectly acceptable...one of the reasons it's changed is because life expectancy is longer. I'm not condoning that it's okay to get pregnant/have sex before marriage. I'm merely making the point that 100 years ago, if the girl was married and poppin out a baby at 17 it would have been perfectly acceptable.

So my thoughts on those that want to criticize Palin or Palin's dd...How about taking that two by four plank out of your eye and quit worrying about the toothpick in your brother's?


Anonymous said...

What do you mean I don't come by! I DO come by... I just haven't been commenting. I agree with what you've written. Hey.... my parents were abstinence only folks..... didn't stop me. lol People are sinful, that's all there is to it.

Susan said...

Can't wait to hear her speak tonight. We will record it since we'll be in church.

Doodlebugs said...

Hey Mom! SO TRUE SO TRUE! By the way did you hear (or should I say read?) that Jamie-Lynn Spears sent Sarah's daughter a baby gift? Interesting very interesting. It all goes back to our chat this morning! Love ya!

Heidi Short said...

Scary isn't it? My parents were very strict and I was pregnant in college. At some point kids make their own decisions and the parents can't be held responsible for them. I think 17 is old enough to make that the case. I think it just goes to show that she puts her money where her mouth is! If she said she was pro-life and didn't keep a special needs baby or a teen pregnancy, then she would be a hypocrite. I think she is transparent enough that everyone can see what she stands for instead of just hear her yapping about like Obama (who is all talk and no action!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobbi, I haven't been following the politics in USA lately (guess I gotta get clued up on NZ politics before November!), but from the little I've heard about this Sarah Palin so far, I'm impressed. As you say, it's not what party she stands for, it's WHO she stands for - God! America has needed somebody like this for ages.
And of course, the media as usual would like to break her down as much as possible... that's what they do! All the best with the elections!

Hey, you know what? I'm allowed to VOTE here in NZ! As a permanent resident of more than 12 months, I'm elligible to vote! In all the 9 years I was in the States I wasn't allowed, and even if we had got our Green Cards, would still not be allowed!

Ok, I'll stop rambling on your blog!

Twinmomwv said...

No, I haven't gotten an answer to my question yet. Yes, I would love your help.

I love Sarah Palin! Kudos to everything you wrote. DH was at the RNC so after her speech he called me to get my opinion. She not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. She doens't just say she is pro-life, she chose to have a Down's baby and is supporting dd in her life choices. I felt like I was listening to one of my girlfriends speak. I want to be friends with her!