Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cash Cab

Have you ever seen or heard of that show Cash Cab?  It's a tv game show that takes place in a NYC taxi cab.  The driver, Ben, asks triva questions to the passengers and they get money for each question the answer correctly.  They have 3 strikes for the incorrect answers and they can also get help one time from a friend on the phone and from help on the street.

 Well last night we went to go see the new movie, "Alice in Wonderland".  Not my kind of movie, but the rest of the family wanted to see it.  I wouldn't recommend it for children under 10-12 years old.  It's a bit dark...again, not my kind of movie,  the graphics in it were awesome, but then again what can you expect from a Tim Burton movie?  Anyhow, getting back to Cash Cab...

So last night while we were walking out of the movie, I said, "They should have used that 60's song 'Go Ask Alice' of whatever that song is by Janis Joplin" 
Dh said, "That's not Janis Joplin." 
"Oh, well Van Morrison, or whoever it is."

On the way home we stopped to get groceries, and then over to the gas pumps.  As I was starting to pump gas I started cracking up.  My family are all asking, "What?"

I said, "I just thought of something funny to do.  We can pretend we are in the Cash Cab and drive up to people and say, we're in the Cash Cab and we need your help with a question.  Do you know who sang that song, 'Go Ask Alice'"?  ROFLOL

Oh BTW...the answer is Jefferson Airplane and the song is called "White Rabbit".  Later some of the band members left and they changed their name to Jefferson Starship.  The gal that sang it, Grace Slick, originally recorded the song with her former band, The Great Society. 

Which leads to why am I telling you all that...because dh thought of the answer shortly after I cracked up laughing and I said, "No, their name was Jefferson Starship."  Which lead me down my own little rabbit trail of finding the information on who sang it etc.

Blessings until next time!


Goose Hill Farm said...

Oh, we just LOVE Cash Cab. I like that much better than Jeopardy! lol

Love ya, Cheesey!

redkathy said...

Cash cab is the bomb! And so is Grace Slick... Age is a funny funny thing isn't it? Great post! Happy Saturday

Rosemary said...

I like when you post your thought journeys---I always enjoy the trip. LOL. Here's one: do you remember the song Alice's Restaurant? Not the same Alice, but it reminded me. There's a good trivia song, too.