Saturday, March 13, 2010

a friend's moving-sad

My friend, Beth, is moving to a bigger and better place soon. This is bittersweet for us that love her. I don't know Beth IRL.  We have been URL friends for over 10 years.  I met her on the first homeschool board I found on the internet.  Beth has always been an encourager.  I can remember when I first joined the board and our van transmission went out. She was so understanding and compassionate. When I lived in a tent, she was there to cheer me on.  Every move I've made I recall her saying things like, "Bobbi, you are the movingest family." LOL 

 Beth will soon be making the big move to Heaven.  She has tumors on her brain. All of us that know her have been praying for her healing. Beth's dh, Paul posted a few days ago, "Beth and I can only sit on the couch with my arm around her. Most of the time she is in a stupor or mostly asleep. Time goes so slow when you are actively waiting for Jesus. Please pray that he comes to visit Beth soon." Her dh posted yesterday on her FB, "I hurt too much to read, I hurt too much to write, my Beth is slipping away. I hurt I hurt I hurt. Paul"

Please keep Beth, her family (including her 3 grown children), and friends in your prayers during this bittersweet time.  We have the joy of seeing her again when we make our move to Heaven, but on the otherhand we will miss her encouragement, love, and kindness. 

Blessings and thank you!


redkathy said...

I have experienced this scenario all too often in my own life. I will be praying for the Beth, Paul, and their family.

Bobbi said...

@redkathy...thank you so much for your compassion and prayers, and for your thoughtful comments.

Allie said...

Oh my...I am praying for them Bobbi...

Stacey said...

Saw this on FB and prayed... sorry you are hurting, dear friend!

Susan said...

I love the song, "I can only imagine" and I can only imagine what her first reaction will be when she see's her Jesus for the first time. It will be marvelous and worth any and all pain and grief here on earth. We were made to live eternally with Him forever and she is just getting there before some of the rest of us :o)
Still, in the natural it hurts so very, very much.