Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not MIA...

No, I haven't gone missing in action.  LOL!  We have been on the road to Arkansas this week.  We left around 5 pm on Monday and got here on Thursday.  We didn't have our wireless internet card working yet, so I had no way of communicating online.  (We didn't make many stops at rest areas this time, where they often have free internet) 

Things are not as we expected, but I know GOD has a plan and it will all work out some how.  :D  Our friend's property is off of a busy road with railroad tracks next door, so we can't let the dog run, and it mostly is a wooded area that goes back far.  Trying to get the RV on the property was a bit interesting.  Dr. Donut (our friend...I tell you the story behind the name below) has a steep drive.  He also has a lot that isn't so steep, but the road is so narrow, it made getting the RV on the property take a long while.  The storage under his have to go to the back of the building and there is a separate door to go in.  Unfortunately the property there is also steep, and the basement needs a lot of work and probably a lot of money to fix it up, not to mention some of the neighbors are less than be desired.  (not trying to be judgemental...but it's probably not a good place to leave our possessions) 

Dh found a storage unit in a better area, and it costs only $40 a month. So we will drop our stuff off there and then head back up to ND to get the rest of our stuff.  We were hoping to get it all, except the boat, but that didn't work out.  :( 

Dr. Donut got that name because when he use to call our house, the caller ID would show up his old partner's name Don looked like I started calling him Dr. Donut.  LOL!

Blessings until next time!


Susan said...

God's protection and angels all around you. Mickey knows what it's like trying to get an RV in tough places!!! Our RV has a scar to show for it :o(

Stacey said...

I think you gave your blog a perfect title... cause your life is definitely an adventure, girl! Praying for you! :)

Rosemary said...

Wondered where you were. You are in my prayers.